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Thirteen Five-Year Plan
During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the environmental development company will take the environmental protection consulting service, hazardous waste disposal and soil remediation, environmental testing as the main business to create a proposed listed companies with the whole industry chain of "construction project consulting, environmental pollution control, environmental technology services" and with the core competitiveness, by doing which, the company aims to grow into Xinjiang's environmental protection industry leader with most comprehensive strength and competitiveness and Xinjiang’s ecological environmental protection practitioners!

After nearly four decades of development, our company has formed a management and technology development system and a stable market, taking the leading position in the same industry. At the same time, our company is vigorously promoting the "environmental protection housekeeper" concept to provide environmental protection problem management services with all-round, 24 hours one day, 365 days per year in the enterprise life cycle and form a close community with servicing enterprises.

My company will become an environmental protection company with good economic efficiency, rich sense of social responsibility, and respected by the society and make a modest contribution to make the earth more green, the sky more blue, the river clearer to achieve the beautiful Chinese dream!

Xinjiang New Energy (Group) Environmental Testing Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Xinjiang New Energy (Group) Co., Ltd., and is a state-owned enterprise in the Autonomous Region. Testing company was established in June 6, 2016 with the registered capital of 1000 million Yuan, which is a third-party testing technology services company taking the environmental testing, environmental protection completion and acceptance, radiation testing, oil testing for the main business.

At present, our company has the capability to receive and deal with various types of hazardous waste in the hw02-hw49 (hw15, hw44, hw45 excluded) of "National Hazardous Waste List" and conduct i harmless treatment, playing an important role in protecting the environment and human health.

At present, our project design disposal capability is about 190 thousand tons of hazardous waste. The processing methods include comprehensive utilization, physicochemical treatment, incineration treatment, solidification / stabilization, safe landfill, storage (highly toxic chemicals). We mainly collect and dispose industrial hazardous waste and waste hazardous chemicals, such as waste acid, waste organic solvents, waste mineral oil, distillation residue, and nickel waste.

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