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Company profile

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Xinjiang New Energy (Group) Environmental Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Environmental Development Company") is a tier one subsidiary of Xinjiang New Energy Group. Registered capital of New Energy Group is 1 billion Yuan. It is a class A regulatory enterprise under SASAC of the autonomous region, the only local state-owned sole proprietorship group company which takes clean energy comprehensive development utilization, energy saving environmental protection industry, modern agriculture other green industry as the main business, also the largest science technology, production service industry groups in Xinjiang New energy field.

As the unit with deputy director of Xinjiang Environmental Protection Industry Association, Environmental Development Company relies on Xinjiang Environmental Protection Technology Advisory Center, Xinjiang Hazardous Waste Disposal Center, Xinjiang Zhundong Hazardous Waste Disposal Center, Xinjiang Environmental Testing Corporation, is one of the most powerful environmental advisory services units in the field of environmental protection consulting, with the Class A qualification of construction project environmental impact assessment, program preparation qualification of construction project water soil conservation, audit qualification of clean production. It is also permitted to engage in regional planning EIA units recommended by the former State Environmental Protection Administration. In the field of hazardous waste disposal field, it is a comprehensive disposal unit with most hazardous waste disposal categories. In the field of environmental protection services, it takes environmental monitoring, hazardous waste identification, oil detection others as the main business, with more than 180 environmental project testing capabilities. 

Environmental Development Company bases on the existing environmental protection industry base, practices low-carbon environmental protection ecological civilization concept, has courage to be a blazer, steadily improves the quality scale of environmental protection industry with the leading low-carbon environmental technology advantages green life concept makes breakthrough in environmental protection field. It aims to build a modern green industry system, promote the transformation upgrading of environmental protection industry in the autonomous region contribute to the economic development improvement of people's livelihood in Xinjiang with blue heaven, green ground clean water.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the Environmental Development Company will take the environmental protection consulting service, hazardous waste disposal soil remediation, environmental testing as the main business to create a proposed listed companies with the whole industry chain of "construction project consulting, environmental pollution control, environmental technology services" with the core competitiveness, by doing which, the company aims to grow into Xinjiang's environmental protection industry leader with most comprehensive strength competitiveness Xinjiang’s ecological environmental protection practitioners!

  • Hotline :0991-3921071
  • Address: floor 1, Technology research and development building, No.107, Shanghai Road, Economic Development Zone, Urumqi, Xinjiang
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